Using Radically Simple Techniques, I Teach Couples how to Achieve Maximum Fulfillment & Deep Intimacy in their Love Relationship.

In my relationship research , the single biggest problem arising in relationships is the lack of effective communication and understanding between intimate partners. It is the number one complaint I hear, day in and day out.

Even with the best of intentions , clear and balanced communication can fly right out the window when emotions are involved.

It takes a strong commitment to be fair in your dialogues with your partner, and to overcome the tension that develops between speaking your truth and listening to theirs.

No one taught you how to communicate within relationships to where we really felt like we are going to be heard … No one told us how to listen properly…


“I now resolve to set expectations with any future partners to use the methods of communication I learned from this enlightening course. Thank you, Des Coroy, for sharing this essential work with humanity as we move into the 21st Century with the intention to grow spiritually and emotionally to our highest potential.”

“Todays John Gray (author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus) except Des Coroy actually gives you tools and ways to communicate and get along with people today from all walks of life. There are so many tidbits and nuggets of pure gold here. ”


When wanting to talk to your partner about an emotionally charged issue, do you feel free to truly express your truth?

Express your truth

Do you feel safe enough to reveal your most vulnerable thoughts and concerns to your partner?

Are you withholding any feelings at all from your partner?

Withholding feelings

Do you and your partner truly listen to each other?



Everyone tells you that marriage and long-term commitment is about compromise , I’m going to tell you that it’s not.

I’m going to share something counterintuitive. You can improve the quality of your relationship, intimacy and sex by raising your expectations, rather than settling for less.

When you start to fear rocking the boat, upsetting your partner or losing the relationship, you begin to withhold what matters to you most… and the intimacy starts to die.

Whether you’re together for the rest of your lives or just the next two years, you can choose to spend that time with your partner enjoying tons more passion ,

laughter and love than you’re settling for now.

It only takes knowledge and a mutual affirmative commitment to turn things around.




When I was a youth, I never attended any “Everything you’ve always wanted to learn about relationships but were afraid to ask” class on how to have a successful relationship. Like most of us, I learned my lessons about love through on-the-job training. The old tried and true method of education about love called trial and error was my favored approach with a heavy emphasis on error.

Of course, it was not my error

because blame was the name of the game I played.I wasn’t aware of how important it was to tell the truth to my partner or how to fight fairly. Listening was not a word I heard, nor did I possess an ability to communicate effectively in my relationships. The mutual lack of relationship skills led to inevitable problems, which eventually wrecked the partnership.

After a while, I wondered

why I repeatedly found myself stranded on the reefs of relationships. Over time I started to question my contribution to the challenging relationship realities confronting me again and again. I finally realized that the reason I was experiencing trouble in my relationships was because of the choices I was making, both conscious and unconscious.

As I learned to accept personal responsibility

for my relationship experiences by making positive choices, the pattern of difficulties started to change and I began to enjoy more and more harmony in my associations with others.

Now I realized that if my discoveries worked for me, then they would work for others.

When I truly understood

that my inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings about relationships created the actual experiences in my life, I discovered a map which could guide me away from those reefs of pain and toward the shores of joy.

It was at this time that I decided to share my insights with other couples who were searching for a new way of communicating with each other through love rather than conflict...

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17 Video Lessons in 8 Weeks

Week 1 - The Journey Begins

Week 2 - Crystal Clear Communication

Week 3 - Emotional Truth

Week 4 - Honoring Boundaries

Week 1 - The Journey Begins

Lesson 1 - The Quest for Maximum Joy & Fulfilment

Laying the foundation for the Journey ahead and seeing the bigger picture.

Opening Your Heart To Giving & Receiving Great Joy.

Lesson 2 - Relationship by Design

Creating a mutual vision of expanded goals by elevating expectations to achieve maximum happiness & deep fulfilment in your union.

Week 5 - Power of Forgiveness

Week 6 - Sharing the Throne

Week 7 - Challenges on the Journey

Week 8 - New Romantic Vision




Social scientists tell us that it takes approximately 90 days of focused effort to change personal habits.

I assure you that if you and your partner fully participate in practicing the concepts within this course for 90 days, you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality and clarity of your communications within your relationship.


I am extending an invitation to you to value your relationship enough to put a 90-day effort into creating dynamic breakthroughs on every level of your relationship.


If you are not completely happy with the way you and your partner are interacting and you feel there is room for improvement, then investing three months of your life toward regenerating your relationship is well worth the effort.

It takes very little time to use these concepts and we always have time for the things that we value.

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what they are saying...

“ Some teachers take joy in simply tossing the readers to the bottomless pit of despair but this is what keeps this course apart from others - it offers an incredibly useful communication tool, the talking stick, to mend and strengthen our relationship with anybody we love.  ”





Atlanta, USA



Monterrey, Mexico

Frequently Asked questions

Q: Do we have to watch the course together?

A: No...because you may have timing commitments, the weekly course is available in a video recording to watch at your convenience.

Q: What if my partner does not want to do the course?

A: You may find that your partner is not interested in participating in improving the communication level of your relationship. If so, then please do not attempt to force him or her to do so because the commitment needed for growth just isn’t present. The very fact that your partner chooses not to participate usually indicates that at this particular point you each want different things out of your relationship. By all means if you want to do the course without your partner’s involvement, please do so because the ideas within will give you greater understanding about the difficulties in your relationship. Quite often, one partner choosing to improve their communication skills will serve as a catalyst for the non participating partner to eventually get on board.

Q: Will we be able to handle conflict in a better way?

A: Absolutely, because you will create a way of disagreeing with respect and choose to argue fairly by creating your own Rules of Engagement.

Q: Are we guaranteed to have a better relationship?

A: That totally depends on your joint effort and dedication to the processes learned during the 8 weeks. If you both fully participate in the weekly lessons, I can confidently guarantee that you will both have a dramatically improved level of true communication and understanding of your needs and desires in your union. In addition, you will know if your relationship goals are in harmony and if not, then you will have the tools to create a new vision of your relationship. If for whatever reason you choose to part ways because you feel as if you both have exhausted your life lessons together and you now have different values or needs, then your new level of effective communication will assist you in mutually letting go with Love & Dignity and honoring the time spent together.

I assure you...

"If you and your partner committ to using the practical tools contained in this course, Higher Love...down to earth, for 8 Weeks, you will see a remarkable improvement in the quality of communication in your relationship and will place yourselves directly on the Path to Deep Fulfilment & Lasting Joy."  

only $297 Today

as seen on...

as seen on...

Des has taught thousands of individuals how to sharpen their communication skills within their relationships.

A no-nonsense Relationship Explorer & Guide. Having a background in business and public speaking, his approach to relationships is a very practical one with an emphasis on positive results.

His grounded approach appeals to both men and women and he sees more similarities between the sexes than differences. “I strongly trust that we do not need another reaffirmation of the erroneous belief that women and men are opposites in nature and that there’s a division between the sexes. We are infinitely more similar than we are not and it’s time that we focus on the common humanity which we share and celebrate the new found awareness of the balance that’s growing between us."

Through his writings and seminars, Des enjoys encouraging others to sharpen their communication skills within their intimate relationships and not settle for a relationship of mediocrity and boredom. He believes that we need to raise the level of our expectations of experiencing deep satisfaction in our intimate relationships and be willing to put the time and effort required to create a depth of intimacy and fulfilment that few attain.

A regular presenter on radio and television, he is known for his practical insights about love delivered with humor, compassion, and truth.

Des is the father of four daughters, two sons and five grandchildren and he is deeply grateful for their presence in his life.

Week 2 - Crystal Clear Communication

Lesson 1 - Communication or Disintegrate

Identify and eliminate the 9 Blocks to Effective Communication which stand in the way of true intimacy.

Lesson 2 - The Gift of Listening

Learn the power of dynamic listening which is the key to understanding and truly being heard.

Lesson 2 - The Talking Stick

An Ancient Communication tool that will guarantee that your partner will hear every word you say.

Week 3 - Emotional Truth

Lesson 1 - Truth the Lifeblood of Love

Discover the power of being with each other in total truth & transparency.

Lesson 2 - Clearing Withholds

Learn how to safely release unexpressed feelings between you once and for all.

Week 4 - Honoring Boundaries

Lesson 1 - 8 Rules of Engagement: Anger into Passion

Learn to express your frustrations to each other in non-harmful ways. Safely clear the energy of anger.

Lesson 2 - Boundaries & Emotional Safety

Experience deeper fulfillment in your intimate relationship by truly understanding your emotional needs.

Week 5 - Power of Forgiveness

Lesson 1 - My Partner, My Mirror

Use the mirroring technique to release judgement by understanding your shadow and its effect on your union.

Lesson 2 - The Gift of Forgiveness

Clear resentments from the past so you can love fully and freely without reservation.

Week 6 - Sharing the Throne

Lesson 1 - Relationship Roles Transformed

Learn to honour and embrace your similarities instead of your differences. Transform your relationship dynamics & become co-equal partners in this game called life.

Lesson 2 - True Co-Creative Partnership

Become True Partners in Time by tapping into the power of a partnership of equals co-creating the life of your dreams.

Week 7 - Challenges on the Journey

Lesson 1 - Understanding Attractions & Affairs

Understand the major causes of affairs and learn how to re-direct the energy of outside attractions.

Lesson 2 - Outside Interference - Children, Family & Friends and Stress

How to minimise and balance the external pressures of money, work, children, family & friends, which can cause serious damage to your relationship. 

Week 8 - New Romantic Vision

Lesson 1 - Romance & Recreation

Regenerate passion and a strong romantic flow with playtime & surprises galore.

Lesson 2 - A New Vision Of Love

A vision of a new world based of co-creative couples affecting the evolution of our planet with the the power of their mutual love.


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  • Ask Me Any Question
  • I Am Here To Clarify & Guide You Through Any Challenges
  • Stay On The Right Track
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Weekly Live Q&A


  • Learn How An Amazingly Simple Process For Letting Go And Completing Past Relationships Can Positively Impact Your Current Relationship.
  • Increase your ability to give and receive love by completing the past.
  • Honour The Gifts Of Your Time Together And Finally Let Go Of Past Resentments.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Pain Around The Ending Of Relationships.
  • Closing Ceremonies Points The Way To A New Vision Of Letting Go With Love & Integrity & Honouring The Lessons Learned Together On This Path Of Life.

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Closing Ceremonies - Letting Go with Integrity & Grace

A detailed look at your relationship enhancement journey in our 8 weeks together...

Hi, I'm Des Coroy...

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My 8-Week Practical, In-Depth, Online Video Course for Couples:

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Your 90 day invitation to...


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Your joint mission should you & your mate choose to accept it...

Is to use radically simple techniques to transform the quality of your relationship so you can, within 90 days, experience a profound level of deep intimacy and maximum fulfillment that few ever attain...

Using Radically Simple Techniques, I Teach Couples how to Achieve Maximum Fulfillment & Deep Intimacy in their Love Relationship.

Hi, I'm Des Coroy...

Now I realized that if my discoveries worked for me, then they would work for others.

Transform Your Relationship, Obliterate Communication Blocks & Experience Deep Intimacy Within 90 Days!

Transform Your Relationship, Obliterate Communication Blocks & Experience Deep Intimacy Within 90 Days!

Closing Ceremonies - Letting Go with Integrity & Grace


Brighton, UK


“I LOVE it ~ It's simple to follow, hugely insightful and heart-openingly wise. It's a guide that I believe ANY couple or single person, who sincerely want or value an intimate relationship, would hugely benefit from. It's on my 'Top 3 What to Give as a Xmas Present' this year”


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Are you as close?

Do you feel the intimacy and excitement you felt at the beginning of your relationship?

Do you feel safe?




Your Higher Self is Totally Guiding You to Creating your Higher Love...

Got any questions or need help ordering email me on

Got any questions or need help ordering email me on

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